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Treat Thyroid Disorders Naturally

The thyroid gland is centered in the base of the neck and is responsible for making hormones that balance our growth, development, and metabolism. It is responsible for our metabolic rate, as well as regulating our body temperature and helping to break down cholesterol and carbohydrates. As we age, this system gets out of sync, and it can cause a great deal of discomfort!

Because of the many causes of thyroid disorders, the symptoms can vary greatly. Most symptoms are related to slow metabolism and include weight gain, feeling tired no matter how much sleep you get, constipation, feeling cold more often, brain fog, trouble with memory, and feelings of depression. You can even have complete opposite symptoms or some vague enough that you have accepted it as you’re “normal.” These symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with your relationships, career, and overall health. Luckily, we can reverse the effects of age related thyroid disorders and get you back to feeling great!

How is Hollywood Got Health different?

At Hollywood Got Health Wellness our staff has years of experience with treating thyroid disorders and we understand the frustration often felt by patients between the confusion of lab results and the ongoing symptoms that never seem to go away, or even worsen over time. We want to help you understand your thyroid and help balance your body’s process to get you feeling like yourself again. Our pricing is completely transparent, includes all labs and physicals and never contains any hidden costs. Your path to your new normal begins with a simple, no-obligation phone call. Let us guide you on your journey to feeling like yourself again!

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